10 good habits to improve happiness!

10 good habits to improve happiness!

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Maslow, a famous American psychologist, once said:

if your heart changes, your attitude changes;

attitude changes, your habits change;

habits change, your personality changes; your life changes as your personality changes.

in life, developing these 10 good habits will not only benefit your body and mind, but also enhance your happiness and make the days to come more emotional and fun!


if you want to eat breakfast

you must have breakfast to ensure adequate nutritional intake. After all, when we wake up in the morning, our bodies haven't eaten for a night, and it's easy to drag our bodies down if we can't replenish them in time.

the plan of the day is in the morning, eat a quality and quantity breakfast and recharge your body.


going to bed without a cell phone

going to bed with a cell phone tends to delay the normal bedtime.

in addition, sitting on the bed and playing with your cell phone does great harm to your eyes and cervical vertebrae.

stay away from your cell phone before going to bed. After going to bed, you can read for a while, go to bed on time, and get enough sleep.


it's best to give yourself some leeway to do anything 10 minutes in advance.

everything happens 10 minutes in advance, so that you have enough time to deal with it in case of an emergency, so that you will not always be in a state of great urgency.

get up 10 minutes earlier and go out 10 minutes earlier.

you will find that it becomes much more leisurely throughout the day.



Don't rush to catch what you catch and do before you start work every day. First calm down and straighten out your thoughts, prioritize things, do the urgent and important first, and then do the less urgent and secondary.

the same day is over.

this can not only ensure efficient work, but also make rational use of time.


learn to refuse

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there is a classic line:

I gladly accept it every time you ask me for help. If I can't help you once, you will have an inexplicable and strange sense of dislike of me.

I'm not asking for trouble.

learn to refuse at the right time, and don't let the person being helped feel dependent on you.


learn to be considerate of others

ask for help less than you have to.

before you open your mouth, try to change places and ask yourself whether you will help or not if you encounter such a request for help. If the answer is no, think of another way.

A lot of things are the same. Put yourself in each other's shoes and look at things from each other's point of view, and you will find that the way of doing things is really important.


listen to others patiently

first of all, patiently listening to others is a kind of respect for each other and the most basic politeness of dealing with others.

secondly, there must be a teacher for three people.

as long as we have the heart, we can always get what we want from the words and deeds of others. Therefore, patiently listening to others is also an important way to absorb wisdom.


stick to exercise

Life lies in exercise, so we should form the good habit of persisting in exercise.

you can go to the gym, run downstairs in the community, or do jumping exercises in the room.

in addition, cycling or walking to and from work is also a good choice.


stay away from complaining, reflect on your

problems, and don't be busy complaining. Complaining will not lead to success, it will only hurt feelings. Find more reasons from yourself and ask yourself what else you haven't done enough. If you have something to do, you will change it, and if you don't, you will be encouraged.

if everyone can have this kind of consciousness, then the next success is not far away.


Control your emotions, be a gentle person

everyone has temper and wayward times, but learn to dispel your emotions and don't vent your anger on others. A bad temper not only won't solve the problem, but also complicates simple things.

the more mature and gentle you become, the more you will feel the beauty and kindness of the world.

having these 10 good habits can not only benefit you for life, but also promote your family and friends to improve your happiness. Why not? Forward it to the friends around you!