"Qi" determines your life, you must see it!

"Qi" determines your life, you must see it!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


an old woman is often angry about trifles.

one day she went to the eminent monk for advice. After listening to her story, the eminent monk led her to a meditation room and left behind.

the woman was so angry that she broke out and cursed for a long time, but the eminent monk ignored it.

the woman began to plead, but the eminent monk turned a deaf ear. The woman was silent at last.

the eminent monk came to the door and asked her, are you still angry?

the woman said: I am only angry for myself. How could I come to this hellhole to suffer?

the eminent monk left in a huff: how can a person who refuses to forgive himself feel at ease?

after a while, the eminent monk asked: are you still angry?

the woman said: no longer angry.

Why? "there's nothing I can do about being angry!" The eminent monk left again.

when the eminent monk came to the door for the third time, the woman told him:

I am not angry, because it is not worth it.

the eminent monk smiled and said, "you still know if it's worth it. It seems that you still have gas roots in your heart."

after a while, when the eminent monk stands outside the door facing the setting sun.

the woman asked, Master, what is Qi?

the eminent monk spilled his tea on the ground, and the woman looked at it for a long time, had an epiphany and thanked her and left.

our lives are like the cup of tea in the hands of an eminent monk, melting into the soil in an instant.

time is so short, there are some boring little things in life, how is it worth spending time to get angry?

I believe that we all have the experience of getting angry about trifles in our lives, just for the sake of fighting for height, strength, and competition, and no one is the ultimate winner.

if you beat someone in this matter, you may lose to him in another, win or lose, win or lose.

when you close your eyes and say goodbye to the world, you are the same as everyone else in the world:

have nothing, empty-handed.

the most important thing in life is to do what you think is meaningful. Don't spend your time fighting for fame and fortune. Don't always talk about it.

people who are really cultured will swallow this tone.

only if you are not angry can you do things well and live healthily.


if you have a minor illness for a week, you will find that money is not important, your family and health are the most important.

if you are seriously ill for a month, you will find that money is very important, and your health and family are very important.

if you have been seriously ill for half a year, it is estimated that you will be willing to give up all your money and fame for what is important to you.

Unfortunately, most people in this world have healed scars and forgotten the pain, including you and me.

so, when I read this passage, I know more firmly which people and things are the most important in life.

I understand more clearly that if people want to live calmly, it is most important to be healthy and happy.

Health focuses on concept

wise people spend 100 yuan to maintain health, 50 yuan to buy insurance, 10 yuan to see a doctor, and 1 yuan to rescue.

stupid people spend 1 yuan to keep in good health, 10 yuan to take medicine, 50 yuan to see a doctor, and 100 yuan to rescue.

most people spend all their life savings in the last 1-2 years of life, take all the western medicine with a lot of side effects, open it a few more times, and then leave.

how to deal with the disease, the answer lies in prevention.

Qi and lifespan

Flowers are watered to death, fish are supported to death, and people are angry to death. Let's see how old you can live.

people who often find anger on their own

, that is, narrow-minded

such as Lin Daiyu

those who are often angry with others

call servants

generally live

often live

people who are often angry with themselves

call vulgar

as ordinary people

often make others angry

People who are not so angry

call great people

generally live

no matter how angry others are

you can take it easy

call high people

generally live around 90

never angry others


call real people

generally live a hundred years or more

conclusion: all diseases are born in anger. So remember to be less angry if you want to live a long life.

will you still be angry after reading this article?

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