"Please the last parents to speak". After my mother's words, the head teacher felt guilty and apologized!

"Please the last parents to speak". After my mother's words, the head teacher felt guilty and apologized!

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what will you do if your child comes last in the class in the final exam?

get furious and beat up? Or simply carry out cold violence against the children?

if you were called to a parent-teacher meeting after the final exam, and the teacher asked you to speak in front of all the parents, what would you say?

do you bow your head in shame on the podium, or simply admit that your child is stupid and must have a good education when you go back?

Today, I would like to share with you a very special speech at the parents' meeting, from Xiaolun's mother, who came last in the final exam.


head teacher: let's invite the last parents to speak

Last night, the class had a parent-teacher meeting after the final exam.

Xiaolun's score in the final exam is also the lowest in the class. Xiaolun's father asked Xiaolun's mother to attend for the sake of face.

at the parents' meeting, the head teacher reported to everyone the level of the class in the final exam, praised the top 10 children in the class, and repeatedly mentioned that Xiao Lun held the class back.

at the end of the parent-teacher meeting, the head teacher said:

now I would like to invite Xiaolun Ma, the parent of the last student in the class, to speak.

Xiao Lun Ma, you can share your experience in educating your children, so that other parents can learn from it and avoid making the same mistake.

the behavior of the head teacher made Xiao Lun's mother a little confused, because in the past, parents of students with good grades spoke, so they were not very prepared.

when she heard the laughter of some parents in the classroom, Xiao Lun's mother responded and felt a little unhappy, but she walked calmly to the podium.


the parents of Xiao Lun's mother will speak:

I am never ashamed of him for taking the "last place"

good evening, teachers and parents. I am Xiao Lun's mother.

I didn't think the teacher would let me speak. I was lucky to have it.

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but what I want to say is that although Xiao Lun's academic performance is a little worse, he has been working very hard, and I never feel ashamed of him.

before coming to the parent-teacher meeting, Xiaolun said to me timidly:

I said no to him. I'm just going to talk to the teacher about your study. Tonight, you and your sister go to Grandma's house to play. Mom will pick you up after the parent-teacher meeting. Don't worry.

what I want to say is that although Xiao Lun is only in the third grade, she already has a certain sense of self-esteem.

suppose Xiao Lun is present today, and your teacher frequently points out that he is the last place, which is tantamount to publicly executing him, and he will certainly be ashamed of himself.

the consequence is that he will think he is stupid, and all his efforts are useless and worthless.

I'm also sorry that he got the last place in the exam this time, but I can see Xiaolun's efforts.

about half a month before the exam, he will get up at more than 6 o'clock every morning and insist on reading in the morning. He also feels that he doesn't need my urging to do his homework, and he will circle out and ask me if he doesn't understand. Even before going to bed every day, he will let me recite some of his ancient poems.

but he is still the last in the class. Should we blame him at this time? No, I think I should help him find out what went wrong.

another purpose of attending the parents' meeting today is to communicate with teachers and see if they can discuss a learning method suitable for Xiao Lun.

maybe such a high-intensity schedule is not suitable for Xiao Lun, or maybe he is under too much psychological pressure, but I never think that Xiao Lun, who won the last place in the exam, is a stupid child, he is just accumulating his strength.

compared to the cold scores on the test paper, I care more about whether Xiao Lun's attitude towards learning is correct, and whether Xiao Lun can develop good study habits and enjoy the process of learning knowledge in primary school.

in addition, I found that Xiaolun's grades are actually making continuous progress.

I always remember that Xiaolun scored 49 points in the first half of the exam in the third grade, more than 20 points short of the bottom second place, while this time his final exam score was 62 points, only a few points short of the bottom second place.

I believe that with the passage of time and Xiao Lun's continuous efforts, we will be able to climb up slowly.

how to arrange this summer vacation, Xiaolun and I made a detailed plan last night.

in addition to doing my summer homework and consolidating and reviewing the learning content of this semester, I intend to ask Xiao Lun to apply for the position of a little librarian in the library.

I know that he has always been good at dealing with people, and almost everyone in our community likes to chat with him;

and I hear that many people in the class also like to share their little secrets with him. It must be the reason why Xiaolun is very instructive.

this summer vacation, I hope Xiao Lun can read more extra-curricular books. The atmosphere of the library will make him calm down a little more, which will also help him with his next study.

finally, I would like to say that even if Xiaolun is last in the class, I will still reward him for going to the amusement park to reward his hard work and hard work.

A child's childhood should not be bound by scores and grades, but should be full of laughter and laughter, and a wider sky and sea.


Mom, I will try my best to get rid of the last place.

Xiao Lun Ma's speech was recognized and applauded by many parents present, and at the same time, the head teacher immediately felt ashamed, and then apologized to Xiao Lun Ma.

after the parents' meeting, Xiaolun's mother specially found the head teacher and talked with him about Xiaolun's study in class..

the head teacher said that Xiao Lun occasionally dozed off in class, which may be the reason for his poor grades, and suggested that Xiao Lun's mother should pay attention to Xiao Lun's sleep.

it was nearly 10:00 in a twinkling of an eye. After chatting with the teacher, Xiao Lun's mother went to her grandmother's house to pick up Xiao Lun and her sister and found that they were already sleeping soundly on the sofa.

then let the brother and sister spend the night at Grandma's.

Xiao Lun's mother picked up Xiao Lun in her left hand and her sister in her right hand, when she suddenly heard Xiao Lun whisper in her dream:


what should you do in the face of the last child in the exam?

1. Score is not the criterion for judging a child.

in the minds of most people, good grades mean that he is a good child. In fact, this is unfair.

Children grow up not only with scores, but also with paintings, musical instruments, and even speech and leadership skills.

parenting blogger Wang Renping once said:

and "heroes based on achievements" will only lead to more and more "high scores and low abilities". How can such children move towards a complicated society in the future?

scores are important, but please also see other bright spots in your child. Everyone's talent is different, there is really no need to insist that the child must take the first place in the exam!

if you love your child, please explore his more possibilities, the score is limited, but the possibility is "infinite"!

2. Only recognized children can learn to make progress

remember the family that celebrated the fireworks for his son who got a score of 7?

I always remember what the father said:

every step of the child's progress is worth encouraging! Only the children who are recognized by their parents can strive to make progress and achieve counterattack.

No one is born to be low achiever, and his child's grades are not ideal, he is also very sad.

instead of blindly attacking and criticizing him, it is better to give him appropriate encouragement and help him check gaps and make up for gaps, so that children can really learn from this exam.

I once read a picture book, Seeds of Ann, which said:

every child is the seed of a flower, but everyone has a different florescence. Some flowers, from the beginning will be very brilliant blooming, some flowers, need to wait a long time.

No child is born stupid, but slows down in the process of growing up, and what parents need to do is to give their children more encouragement and keep their children growing and blooming.

3. Parents yell louder and louder, and their children get worse and worse in the exam

do you remember the TV series "Little Joy" that became popular last year?

Tong Wenjie reprimanded her son Fang Yifan as soon as she opened her mouth:

"they made a set of papers in 20 minutes, and he gave himself a manicure in 20 minutes!"

"study is not good, fight is clear!"

under Tong Wenjie's long-term roar, Fang Yifan went farther and farther down low achiever's road, slipped to the bottom of the list, and said harshly that he would give up his studies.

in fact, the more parents yell, the more anxious they are, but their children's grades are getting worse and worse.

A child is like a parent's emotional receiver, and he can empathize with every roar of his parents.

parents who yell for a long time are destined to be unhappy parents; this unhappiness can also spread to their children, making their childhood full of shouting and no happiness to speak of.

such children, not only will not have good grades, but may even have an unhappy childhood.

I believe this is something that all parents do not want to see.

in the face of your child's poor grades, put aside your bad temper and calmly analyze the test paper with him, which is what wise parents should do.

in many families nowadays, if their children get the last place in the exam, they must be beaten by their parents.

but is stick education really useful? I don't think so. if stick education were really useful, then these "penultimate" would have become "positive first".

in the face of the current situation of children's "inverting one", we should give them some encouragement and help them find out the reasons for their poor grades.

in this way, he can really find his own shortcomings, so as to prescribe the right medicine to the case, and slowly improve and grow.